Terry at our home in Houston after a long session of close-up magic and Scotch.


January 1985 in Midland, TX with Scott Wells, Terry Seabrooke and Pat Hazell.


Terry giving a lecture in Midland, TX in 1985 assisted by Roger Brian Clark.


Terry explaining his signature “Cigarette in Coat” routine at the lecture in Midland, TX in 1985.


Terry lecturing at the “Magic in the Midlands” in 1987 in Lincoln, NE.


Terry welcoming his fans on the lecture stage in Lincoln, NE for “Magic in the Midlands” in 1987.


Terry on stage at the Magic in the Midlands. Here he is reading funny headlines from the newspaper.


Pete Petrashek, unknown person, Scott Wells and Dave Arch applaud as the featured act, Terry Seabrooke is welcomed back to the stage for the Magic in the Midlands convention.


Although not spelled the same, Seabrooke spends some time as a tourist in Seabrook, TX in 1993.


Seabrook, TX is not that large of a city, but you do have to slow down to 40 MPH or do your time in the local jail.


Terry stood beside the sign to apparently cover the end of the word where an “e” should have been. This picture includes our younger son, Nick, on the ground and Sean standing on the sign.


Nick, Terry and Scott in Seabrook, TX.


Uh oh…it looks like the local police have cornered a crook.


Terry had to drop himself a card with a postmark from his own city.


Scott, Kathy and Terry are about to enjoy a meal at Terry’s Classic Café.


In March 2000, Kathy and I attended the Magic Circle’s Centenary celebration. While we were in the neighborhood, we drove to Watford to visit Terry in his natural habitat at 38 Beechcroft Road which, incidentally, is just off of Vernon Road.


Terry’s lovely wife, Hilda and Terry opened their home to us.


This is Terry’s stairway up to his magic room. The walls are filled with important memorabilia.


The sun shines bright and Terry’s smile says it all.


Terry’s magic room. He delighted in his disorganization. He always liked to look for something but be distracted by something else on the journey. It is easy to be distracted when you have so much stuff.


Terry took me to his local club, the Conservative Club where he had me entertain his mates. It was a real joy and I made lots of new friends.